4 Reasons You Might Need Our Drain Camera Inspection Services

a person scoping a drain pipe

Are you having problems with your drain or sewage system? If so, you may be in need of a professional drain camera inspection. Ready Rooter can provide you with the latest drain camera technology if you suspect damage that is difficult to identify and resolve. Here are four reasons Ready Rooter would encourage homeowners in the greater Seattle area to receive a pipe camera inspection.

a person holding their head upset at a clogged sink

Clogged Drains

We all come across clogged drains with toilets or sinks occasionally, but consistently clogged drains can be a major inconvenience, preventing the proper flow of water, sewage, and other liquids. If clogs are occurring often in your home this may be a sign of major blockage. A drain camera inspection can help you identify the source of the clog and our drain specialists will begin to unclog it.

a broken pipe spraying water

Broken Pipes

When a pipe becomes broken, it can lead to serious water damage. The damage can compromise the structural integrity of the home and cause mold growth. A pipe camera inspection can help you quickly identify where the problem is located, so you can get it repaired as soon as possible.

tree roots pulling out of the ground

Tree Roots

Many homeowners would not suspect tree roots to be the cause of their drain pipe issues. But tree roots are attracted to water leading them to cause major damage to your drain and sewage system. Identifying the source of the blockage with professional help can help you pinpoint the exact location of the tree roots and a professional can take the necessary steps to remove them.

a person holding a towel under a leaking sink pipe


Leaks in your drain or sewage system can be a major source of wasted water and money. Homeowners should pay close attention to their utility bills each month as this is the first sign of possible leaks in your drain system. A pipe camera inspection can quickly help you identify where the leak is located, so you can repair it as soon as possible.

If you are experiencing any drain or sewage system problems, a drain camera inspection is the best service to find a solution. Ready Rooter will assist homeowners in the greater Seattle area by using the latest drain camera technology. Schedule a service appointment today!

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