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Welcome to Ready Rooter’s sump pump repair and installation service page! As Seattle’s top drain specialist company, we understand the importance of having a reliable sump pump in your home. We offer a full range of sump pump repair and installation services to help keep your home safe from water damage. Our highly trained sump pump installation company can repair any sump pump issues you are experiencing quickly and efficiently.

What is a Sump Pump?

A sump pump is responsible for removing excess water, which can be caused by heavy rains, floods, or broken pipes. Having a sump pump installed in your basement or crawl space can help protect your property from water damage. With a properly installed and functioning sump pump, you will enjoy peace of mind knowing that your property is safe from flood and other water-related issues, avoiding costly water damage repair costs.

Sump Pump Repair and Services

We offer a variety of sump pump installation and repair services, including:

  • Installing sump pumps in new Seattle homes
  • Replacing existing sump pumps
  • Testing sump pumps for proper operation
  • Inspecting sump pumps for necessary repairs
  • Installation of battery backup systems

Sump Pump Installation

In order for your sump pump to protect your home from flooding, it’s essential to have a sump pump that is properly installed and maintained. Our drain and sewer specialists specialize in sump pump installation services! The experienced technicians at Ready Rooter have years of experience in the field and can ensure your sump pump is installed correctly.

Common Sump Pump Issues

Sump pumps are a crucial part of equipment in any home. By keeping basements free of standing water, they can save you thousands of dollars in water damage repair costs should your basement flood. Unfortunately, sump pumps can be prone to a variety of problems that cause them to fail. Clogged or damaged discharge lines are a common issue that our sump pump repair company in Seattle has resolved numerous times. Dirt and debris tend to accumulate in the line, preventing free-flowing water. If you notice your sump pump is not draining correctly, contact our Ready Rooter!

The float switch, which turns the sump pump on and off depending on the water level, should always be working properly. If not, water will accumulate and the sump pump will not be able to remove it. Through sump pump repairs and replaced parts, we can ensure that the float switch is working properly. Another common issue is corroded or worn-out parts. This can cause repairs over the life of your sump pump, or it can mean it’s time to replace the sump pump all together. Luckily, our affordable sump pump installation services can assist with this too!

By understanding common sump pump issues, you can better protect your home from potential water damage. If ever your sump pump is not running smoothly, just give the drain specialists at Ready Rooter a call and we’ll be able to assist with repairs and installation!



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Making Ready Rooter your go-to drain and sewer specialist comes with numerous benefits, including:

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The team of drain specialists at Ready Rooter is equipped to handle a wide variety of drain and sewer services in addition to sump pump repair and installation, such as cleaning, inspections, and hydro-jetting. With our sump pump services, you can rest assured that your drains and sewer lines will be in top condition! Contact us today.