The Benefits of Hydro-Jetting Services

hydro-jetting a sewer line

Hydro-jetting is a method of drain cleaning that uses a high-pressure hose to clean pipes and get rid of blockages and build-up. As experts in all things drain cleaning, Ready Rooter in Seattle is well-versed in the benefits of hydro-jetting. High-pressure drain cleaning is safe for pipes, quick, effective, and versatile, making it one of the best drain cleaning solutions.

a worker putting a hose down a drain


Hydro-jetting is safe for your sewer system. Unlike store-bought drain cleaners that use harsh chemicals and can erode your pipes, hydro-jetting uses what the lines are designed to carry: water! Since no chemicals are washed into sewage systems, hydro-jetting is also one of the most eco-friendly drain cleaning methods.

workers hydro jetting a sewer line


At Ready Rooter, we understand your busy schedule doesn’t allow slow resolutions to drain issues. That’s why our hydro-jetting services are quick and efficient, so we can get the clog out and get you back to your routine.

water running in a sink down a cleared drain


With the high-pressure blast, hydro-jetting is strong enough to clear tough blockages no matter where they may be in your home’s sewer system. Store-bought drain cleaners may claim to be effective in dissolving clogs, but hydro-jetting really works.

copper pipes in a home water system


Some people may think hydro-jet drain cleaning in Seattle is iffy because of our community’s mix of new and old homes. However, hydro-jetting is incredibly versatile and can be performed on a variety of lines and materials. Whether your home is new or old or you have PVC or copper pipes, hydro-jetting is a safe method of cleaning out clogs.

When you need your drains cleaned, skip the store-bought chemical cleaners and try hydro-jetting. You can’t go wrong with safe, fast, effective, and versatile clog relief. As local plumbers, the professionals at Ready Rooter take pride in offering a variety of services to our customers in the Seattle area, including hydro-jetting. Contact us to schedule an estimate today!

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