The Essential Toilet Maintenance Checklist

Toilet Maintenance Bellevue, WA

Cleaning a toilet means a lot more than just flushing. While a toilet can take care of itself, a lack of proper care could lead to major problems down the line. A clogged toilet in Bellevue, WA may need services from our professionals at Ready Rooter. Learn more about proper toilet maintenance and ways to keep your toilets running without a problem.

Rim Jet Scrubbing

The key to a good toilet flush includes well-cleared rim jets. The rim jets sit under the inside rim of the toilet seat and create a circular flow of water when you flush.

Without well-cleaned rim jets, you could run into issues and need clogged toilet repair. Use a wire brush to clean the rim jets and keep the jets cleared out. The toilet will flush with more power and rotation.

Hard Water & Tank Inspections

If your home has hard water, then you will want to inspect the tank of your toilet every few months. Hard water can cause a build-up in your tank that soon blocks the flush process and creates clogs.

Regular tank cleaning is helpful on how to unclog toilet bowls and keep them cleared out. Clean out the tank every few months and any hard water build-up on the bottom of the tank.

Bolt Tightening

One way to avoid a clogged toilet is by tightening the bolts every few months. The toilet seat and bottom of the toilet have bolts to keep them in place. Too much movement can cause the bolts to loosen and change the seating position of the toilet.

There are ways to avoid clogging without snaking a toilet. With bolt tightening, you can ensure the drain pipes line up and also avoid any water leaks around the toilet.

For more information on your clogged toilet problems, contact us at Ready Rooter. We offer emergency services in the Bellevue area. We can help you with any clogged toilet services or plumbing issues you have.