What are the Different Types of Drain Cleaning Methods?

professional drain snaking

There’s nothing like the inconvenience of a drain blockage. That’s why you need to understand the diverse methods of drain cleaning in Renton, WA available for effective removal. If it’s too stubborn for DIY methods, professional services can resolve it.

Each type of cleaning and clearing method will work best in specific situations. Drain cleaning services offer a range of techniques to tackle clogs and ensure optimal drainage.


Hydro jetting uses pressurized water to force out blockages from a clogged drain. It also removes oil, grease, and mineral deposits on the surface of pipe walls. It is both a clog solution and a preventative maintenance tool to keep pipes clean and clear.

Drain Snaking

A drain snake is a versatile tool for clearing drain clogs. It has a flexible auger frame that can maneuver inside pipes to remove blockages. Drain snaking is particularly effective for removing accumulated debris and addressing tree roots infiltrating the drain system.


Rooter services specialize in tree root infiltration. It’s a common cause of sewer and drain blockages. It also breaks sewer pipes in search of water, leading to sewer line repair, or replacement.

Rooter machines use rotating blades to cut through roots. Using rooter services is also good for preventing extensive root damage and maintaining proper drainage.

Why Get Pro Drain Cleaning

Professional drain cleaning services provide a solution to various blockage issues. These services use advanced methods, restoring optimal water flow.

Some DIY home remedies can work for basic-level clogs and blockages. For stubborn clogging issues, you need professional help. Not only are they effective, they can pinpoint the exact issue. They will also avoid damaging your pipes unlike chemical cleaners or DIY ways.

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