What are the Leading Causes of Sewer Damage?

broken sewer line

It pays to know some of the causes of sewer repair in Seattle, WA. You need to identify and address the root causes of sewer damage once you observe their symptoms. Understanding these key factors guides homeowners in taking preventive measures and timely solutions.

Tree Root Intrusions

One prevalent cause of sewer damage is tree roots getting into the sewer lines. Tree roots are always in search of water sources. They can penetrate pipes, causing blockages and structural damage. Professional sewer repair services remove them through drain cleaning or rooters. These restore optimal sewer functionality.

Septic System Maintenance

Regular septic pumping, cleaning, and maintenance are essential components of preventing sewer damage. Neglecting these tasks can result in septic tank issues. They lead to backups and potential damage to the entire sewer system. Homeowners should schedule routine septic pumping and cleaning to avoid such complications.

Environmental Factors

External elements like soil shifts, ground settling, and seismic activities can impact sewer lines. They cause misalignment, cracks, or breaks in the pipes, leading to sewer damage. The only option is sewer line repair to avoid major leaks. Conducting regular inspections, especially after significant geological events, detect and address these issues.

Grease Buildup and Maintenance:

Improper disposal of grease and fat down the drains can contribute to sewer damage over time. Grease buildup can create blockages and hinder the flow of wastewater. Implement proper disposal practices and schedule routine sewer maintenance. These mitigate the risk of damage caused by grease accumulation.

Understanding the leading causes of sewer damage empowers homeowners to take proactive measures. Monitoring the state of your sewer with basic maintenance checks can save you from possible disasters. You may already need sewer line replacement but don’t know it.

Staying vigilant about these factors ensures a healthier and more resilient sewer system. But when the time comes, you need to call Ready Rooter for help. We are the local specialists that everyone relies on when it comes to sewer and drain expertise. We will repair or replace sewer lines without the hassles of traditional methods. Ready Rooter is available 24/7 including emergency services.