What to Do if a Drain Pipe Bursts

a leaking pipe

When a drain pipe bursts in your home, it can be overwhelming. Understanding what to do is important to prevent further damage and help you to identify the source of the leak. Ready Rooter is here to provide you with the necessary steps to take when a drain pipe bursts so you can manage the situation and even prevent a similar incident in the future.

a water shut off valve

Shut Off Water

When there is a broken drain pipe in your home, you should immediately shut off the water supply. This will help limit the amount of water that enters your home, and acting quickly will prevent further damage like mold growth.

a woman looking under her sink with a bucket under the drain pipe

Evaluate Damage

Once the water is shut off, assess the damage. Check to see if the pipe has completely burst or just leaking. Check the area around the pipe to see if there is any existing water damage. If your drain pipe has burst, you will require emergency drain services.

a worker using tools on a sink drain pipe

Contact a Professional

Call a drain specialist as soon as you can to minimize any further damage. When the drain specialist comes to your home, they will be able to provide you with the necessary repairs and replacement of the broken drain pipes. Depending on the severity of the damage, the drain specialist may need to replace the entire pipe or just a section.

a worker and woman looking at a sink drain pipe

Take Preventative Measures

After dealing with a drain pipe burst, it’s important to take preventive measures in the future. Check your drain pipes monthly for signs of water damage and schedule maintenance services regularly to make sure everything is in order.

It’s important to be ready for the unexpected when a drain pipe bursts. Working with a drain specialist like Ready Rooter will ensure that the repairs are done correctly and pipes are properly replaced. As a full-service drain company, no broken pipe is too big. Contact us today should you need emergency drain services!

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