Wondering What is Clogging Your Drains? We Can Help!

food scraps in a sink

Are your drains making odd sounds or moving slowly? Have they come to a complete standstill? Are you in the market for a new home and want peace of mind that your drains and sewer lines are sound? The best way to have proper insight into these common scenarios is to have the professionals at Ready Rooter identify the blockage with our drain camera inspection services.

a person pouring kitchen grease into a container

Kitchen residue

A common culprit of clogs is often the residual grease and fat that goes down the drain after cooking. While this may seem insignificant, it often creates blockages, requiring professional removal. However, with Ready Rooter, this is a fixable problem easily identified with a quick scope!

a person holding a wipe in front of an open toilet

Not-so “Flushable” Items

Products branded as “toilet safe” or “flushable” rarely are. This could be an issue you encounter in your space well after moving in, from a previous owner, or just an accident, but it can cause serious blockages. Camera inspections often show this as the culprit of clogs for many homes.

a person peeling an apple into a sink

Old buildup

Time has an impact on everything and drains are no different. Simple debris and residue can combine to make impressive blockages over time, especially in older homes and businesses. It’s always a good idea to get eyes on these blockages before deciding how to treat the problem to make sure the integrity of your pipes is still intact.

tree roots coming out of a floor drain

Tree Roots

Nature bends to no man or plumbing. Tree roots certainly love the moisture carried in plumbing and sewage lines and they can wreak havoc on all pipes old and new. In this case, it is especially important to inspect the blockage with a camera to fully understand the extent of the intrusion and damage so the problem does not worsen with improper solutions.

Regardless of the type or placement of a blockage in your pipes, it is always crucial to properly diagnose the issue before moving forward. A quick camera inspection by our pros can easily determine the problem and have your drains working correctly in no time. Call today to partner with Ready Rooter and let us eliminate your concerns before they become a bigger issue!

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